Mission Statement

The Mission of the Latino Faculty and Staff Council at Indiana University Bloomington is to provide a forum for understanding the issues of concern to the Bloomington and IU Latino communities. The council will serve as spokesperson and work in collaboration with university administrators, faculty and staff to address the issues of recruitment, retention, graduation and promotion of Latino faculty, staff and students.

The Latino Faculty and Staff Council (LFASC), founded in the spring of 2002, is an organization that represents the diverse Latino community at Indiana University. Its commitment is to build fellowship among Latinos and to address issues that face Latino faculty, staff and students on the Bloomington campus.


Statement Against Racism and Anti-Blackness

The Latino Faculty and Staff Council (LFASC) unequivocally denounces racism and bigotry in all its forms. We stand with our Black brothers and sisters, including Black Latinxs and Afro-latinxs, in their struggle for equality, inclusion, and against oppression. We hear the voices of those suffering and stand in solidarity with Black students, colleagues, coworkers, family and friends. Their struggles are different from ours in important ways, both historically and in the present; however, we share many of the concerns expressed in the current outrage. Their fight is our fight.

We commit to the ongoing support of these efforts and actively seek to combat anti-blackness and violence against people of color. None of us will live freely until all people of color are free from persecution and injustice. The LFSAC brings together people from different countries, cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds, and we draw on these facts as a source of our collective strength. Now more than ever, we need sustained commitments to institutional change and venues through which our communities can foster change. We reiterate our charge to improve our campus and continue to serve as a voice for Latinx faculty, staff and students on campus. Through a number of initiatives, the LFSAC works to educate our campus and advocate for our communities.

We are here to listen and invite you to get involved. Please contact the Council to share any of your ideas and concerns about living and working on campus, and how we might improve our campus and city climate. If you have a specific grievance, consider contacting the appropriate office from the list below. If we are unable to help, we will connect you with people who can.



  • To build fellowship among Latino faculty, staff, students and address issues that face our community.
  • To strengthen communication among Latino communities.
  • To initiate strategies to bring Latino scholars and researchers to campus to provide information on current Latino issues in academia.
  • To work in collaboration with university administration, faculty, students, and staff, as well as, undertake activities to address and improve issues regarding recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latino faculty, staff, and graduation of students.
  • To be a sounding board for any Latino initiatives the university undertakes.
  • To assist the university to increase the presence and retention of Latinos on the IUB campus.
  • To recognize Latino students, faculty and staff for their achievements and contributions.


  • Lillian Casillas - Staff, La Casa
  • Israel Fernando Herrera -  Faculty, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer - Faculty, Maurer School of Law
  • Carmen Henne-Ochoa - Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

    College of Arts + Sciences 

  • Javier F. Leon - Faculty, Jacobs School of Music
  • Alberto Varon - Faculty, English/Latino Studies

E-mail: lfasc@indiana.edu


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all in-person programs that the Latino Faculty and Staff Council have planned for fall 2020 have been canceled. We will do our best to prevent the virus from interrupting our mission to recruit, retain, graduate and promote Latino faculty, staff and students. Please join us virtually for the following events. More information and details on the following events will be forthcoming. 

  • Fall Welcome Lunch
  • Monthly Lunch for Latina Women Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students 
  • Monthly Lunch for Latino Men Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students 
  • Professional Development and Academic Luncheon for Latino Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students
  • Parranda: Latino Family and Community Celebration 
  • End of the Academic Year Reception

Awards: IU Latino Faculty and Staff Council Award Recipients

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Rebekah Amaya
  • Graduate Student Award - Paul Levy
  • Staff Award - Lilian Golzarri-Arroyo
  • Faculty Award - Serafín M. Coronel-Molina
  • Faculty Award - Sylvia Martinez
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Rebecca Colina Neri

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Patricia Cornejo
  • Graduate Student Award - Perla Pena Palomino
  • Faculty Award - Jennifer Whitley
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Eric Mayer-Garcia
  • Group Award - Latinx Law Student Association
  • Event Award - Puerto Rico: A celebration of Resilience Through Art and Conversation

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Nicholas Garcia
  • Graduate Student Award - Vanessa Elias
  • Staff Award - Diana Velázquez
  • Faculty Award - Claudia N. Avellaneda
  • Faculty Award - William D. Ramos
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Ricardo Andrés Guzmán
  • Group/Event Award - Grupo de Teatro VIDA
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Raquel T. Anderson

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Sergio Gonzalez
  • Graduate Student Award - Ricardo Martins
  • Staff Award - Nelda J. Montemayor
  • Faculty Award - Sonia Velázquez
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Paola Maria Hernandez Barón
  • Group/Event Award - Pueblo A Pueblo

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Marbella Chavez
  • Graduate Student Award - William Palomo
  • Staff Award - Douglas Bauder
  • Group/Event Award - Alberto Varon
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Bernard L. Fraga
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Iris Rosa

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Carmen Heredia Rodriguez
  • Graduate Student Award - Gabriel Escobedo
  • Staff Award - Andrea Siqueira
  • Faculty Award - Arlene Diaz
  • Program/Group Award - Latino and Latina Initiatives
  • Emerging Scholar Award - Mintzi Martinez-Rivera

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Alfredo Rangel
  • Graduate Student Award - Olivia Ríos
  • Staff Award - Cristian Rodrigo Medina
  • Faculty Award - John H. McDowell
  • Event Award - 2014 Semana Latina Kelley School of Business
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Gerardo M. Gonzalez

    • Undergraduate Student Award - Fred Diego
    • Graduate Student Award - Eric C. Morales
    • Staff Award - Micaela Richter
    • Faculty Award - John Nieto-Phillips
    • Program Award - Latin American Music Center

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Alicia Nieves
  • Graduate Student Award - Nancy Ortiz
  • Staff Award - Becky Perez
  • Faculty Award - Herman Aguinis
  • Program Award - Latino Studies IU César E. Chávez Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Special Mention Award - Daniel J. Mindiola

  • Undergraduate Student Award - Prisma Lopez-Marin
  • Graduate Student Award - Omar Martinez
  • Staff Award - Ricardo Valdez
  • Faculty Award - Carmen Helena Tellez